tevixMD’s patented, cloud-payment solutions, tevixPAS, tevixPAY and tevixBATCH help healthcare providers get paid!

How Does tevixMD Help?

Healthcare Providers Are Able To…


Lower Operating Costs


Process Claims Faster


Eliminate Patient
Record Errors


Get Paid Prior to Treating Patients

Healthcare Providers Get Paid Quickly And Easily

With declining reimbursement rates and legislative changes, providers must drive revenue by collecting from patients for services prior to treatment.

tevixMD ensures you get paid with easy to use solutions and patient data you can trust every time.

Providers get the tools to discover revenue-building solutions, and enable greater decision making and profitability.

Learn more about tevixPAS, tevixPAY and tevixBatch.

Just Released

Simple yet powerful new financing program gives patients an affordable, real-time payment plan option, while ensuring that healthcare providers get paid overnight

tevixMD (www.tevixmd.com), the leading provider of comprehensive, real-time healthcare payment and patient identification solutions, today introduced tevixPAY™, the company’s new patented healthcare payments offering. The breakthrough platform was designed from the ground up to solve one of America’s most pressing economic issues — skyrocketing healthcare co-pays and deductibles leading to uncollectable receivables for healthcare providers.

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Leading Healthcare Companies Use tevixMD to Get Paid With real-time, accurate patient information


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