tevixMD’s patented, cloud-payment solution, tevixPAS™, helps healthcare providers get paid!

How Does tevixPAS Help?

Healthcare Providers Are Able To…


Lower Operating Costs


Process Claims Faster


Eliminate Patient Record Errors


Get Paid Prior to Treating Patients

Automated, Accurate, Real-Time Patient Data Cleansing

Data extracted from patient records is checked against known sources, corrected and validated for accurate, real-time records.

tevixMD ensures you can make important payment decisions with a solution that is easy to use and patient data you can trust every time.

With declining reimbursement rates and legislative changes, labs must drive revenue by collecting from patients for services prior to treatment.

Give your lab the tools to discover revenue-building solutions, and enable greater decision making and profitability. Learn more about tevixPAS

Leading Healthcare Companies Use tevixMD to Get Paid With real-time, accurate patient information


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