Healthcare Provider Payment Solution

tevixPAY is a payment solution that makes sure healthcare providers get paid!

What tevixPAY™ Does for Your Bottom Line


Provider decides how much they want to collect, co-pay, deductible or provider’s cost of service


Provider offers patient an option to pay up front or spread payments over 10 months with no interest


Provider GETS PAID!

Benefits for Healthcare Provider

Receive cash within 24 hours

Reduce pay resistance

No barriers for use

No software

No hardware

No installation

No IT involvement

No capital expenditure

Benefits for Patient

Affordable payments

Automatic payment option

No interest

How tevixPAY™ Works

Patient is presented with option to pay bill or spread payments over 10 months using tevixPAY

Patient pays via credit card, interest free, over 10 months

tevixPAY pays Provider within 24 hours

Provider’s office reviews tevixPAY dashboard to track patient payments

tevixPAY is an upgrade to our tevixPAS (Patient Admit System) solution. The combined upgrade allows providers to validate patient’s identity and benefits along with collect payment for services up front.

SOLUTIONS:  tevixPAS | tevixPAY | tevixBATCH

tevixPAS, tevixPAY, tevixBATCH

Easy to Use

No Special Equipment

No IT Resources