tevixPAS – Patient Admit System


Ensure You Get Paid!

tevixPAS™ Empowers You To Collect Up Front

Know your patient’s financial responsibility and eligibility immediately.

Collect from both the patient and insurance.

Collect, or arrange for collection, from patients 
during their initial contact.

Auto-fill prevents data entry errors on patient forms -- eliminate mistakes made at patient intake and prevent claim rejections.

Get LIGHTENING-FAST, REAL-TIME, ACCURATE patient data into your system almost instantaneously – within seconds.

tevixPAS Improves Cash Flow

tevixPAS Offers Provider Benefits At Low Cost With 
No Drawbacks


Enables cash collection up front so providers get paid


Accelerated payments


Increased margins


Streamlines operations / eliminates errors


Lowers administrative costs


Eliminates need for
collection efforts

Why are you not getting paid?

Billing After Services Simply Doesn’t Work Any More

The Deductible Trap™

Healthcare deductibles are exploding
70% of claims have a $5,000 deductible or higher.

Patients must pay entire deductible
Patient payments are up 72% in 3 years.
Claims /day: 100
Value of each claim: $40
Daily Value: $4,000
Patients pay 80%: $3,200
Insurance pays 20%: $800

Real-time deductible status not available
In today’s healthcare landscape, providers are flying blind regarding who will be responsible for the bill.

We call this The Deductible Trap™.

Until tevixMD, there was no way to know the actual deductible status INSTANTLY before services are rendered.