PGXL Laboratories Implements Patient Admit System (PAS) Version 3.0

tevixMD Corporation Announces Agreement with PGXL Laboratories to implement Patient Admit System (PAS) Version 3.0

tevixMD Corporation, a leading provider of patient identity and payment certainty systems, announced today that it has reached an agreement with PGXL Laboratories (Louisville, Kentucky) to install and implement tevixMD’s patented real-time patient identity and benefits eligibility system PAS 3.0.

“tevixMD’s PAS System will enable PGXL to verify both the patient’s identity and insurance coverage as soon as the specimen arrives at the laboratory,” said Kellie Harrison, Client Services and Billing Manager. “The PAS system allows our staff to identify and address critical billing issues during the accessioning process. That improves our service, protects our turnaround time and significantly lowers our unpaid claims.”

“We are proud to announce our agreement with PGXL,” noted William “Todd” Andros, President and CEO of tevixMD. “This agreement reinforces the value PAS delivers to clinical laboratories that offer a menu of highly complex assays. We look forward to delivering that value to PGXL.”

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