Patient Admit System (PAS) Version 3.0 Released

tevixMD Corporation Releases Patient Admit System (PAS) Version 3.0

tevixMD Corporation, a leading provider of patient identity and payment certainty systems, is proud to announce the release of PAS (Patient Admit System) version 3.0. The patented technology behind PAS allows providers of all types to verify a patient’s identity and insurance benefits along with providing copay and deductible data in 17 seconds or less, right at the time of service. Once the transaction is complete, the PAS system will move the data to any EMR, practice management or information system using the Transfer Agent Technology. Our Transfer Agent Technology functions outside the client’s information system greatly reducing the complexity and cost associated with data transfer. Version 3.0 offers the ability to process payments directly from the PAS 3.0 user interface making it simple to collect payments at the time of service. Patient data can be inserted into any variety of custom forms and printed for patient signature if needed. PAS can also be used as an enhancement to our Extended Eligibility Framework batch file service.

PAS version 3.0 adds speed improvements, enhanced form generation, date of birth search and multiple history search criteria.

“The best way to assure payment is to start the transaction with the correct information at the onset. With PAS 3.0 our customers have a simple tool that allows them to easily obtain the best possible patient data then collect any payments at the time of service. All of us at tevixMD are very excited about the roll out of version 3.0” stated William Andros, CEO of tevixMD Corporation.

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