About Us

Why is tevixMD so good at getting you paid?

We have years of experience helping healthcare providers get paid

We understand the healthcare industry and the implications of recent changes.

We understand the impact that these changes will have on healthcare billing and collections

We developed a one-of-a-kind, patented solution that gets healthcare providers paid

We are innovative and always on the cutting edge of today’s technology

We foresee and consistently meet the rapid changes of technology and modern medicine

Our team of dedicated IT professionals brings years of expertise in medical billing and record keeping

We have eliminated the need for office staff to spend time and effort learning something new

Why would you leave money on the table when you don’t have to!

Benefits of tevixMD’s Patented Healthcare Payment Solutions

  • tevixMD Solutions empower providers to prevent the rapidly-increasing revenue losses that all healthcare providers are facing today.
  • tevixMD Solutions work for all healthcare providers.
  • Every healthcare provider is experiencing sweeping changes in the way healthcare payments are collected.
  • A new mindset is vital to financial survival.
  • The tevixMD solutions provide a comprehensive, all-in-one solution that can be found nowhere else.
  • The tevixMD tools are easy to use and address all the challenges to getting paid.
  • The tevixMD tools require no assistance from an IT department and no special computer hardware or expensive integration.

The tevixMD Solutions


tevixPAS retrieves accurate and real-time patient eligibility, co-payment and deductible status in seconds allowing providers to collect before treatment.


tevixPAY pays healthcare providers immediately (within 24 hours) instead of waiting weeks, or even months – the general turnaround, without tevixPAY, is 90 days.


tevixBATCH automatically updates patient information prior to payer submissions and allows healthcare providers to Get Paid within 24 hours.


tevixTRANSFER securely and immediately moves patient identity, insurance and payment data collected by tevixPAS into you’re your existing scheduling and billing applications.  No special integration or 3rd party software is needed to make this work.